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domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

How to resist Racism without Physical confrontations...

There is the question that lingers into our minds whenever we come across unpredicted tragedies like a group of armed racists. Individuals who perpetrates acts of racism do so either triggered by hatred towards their victim, as a tool to trigger a physical confrontation or to intimidate, humiliate and undermine not only the victim but the race to which the victim subscribe. Racism can be active or passive depending on the methodology in which it is carried out and the effects that inflicts on the victim.

Passive and Active Racism;

Common Examples;

A native african gets on a public bus, helps himself on a chair and he/she notices that a whole row of european passengers stands up and moves away from their respective (neigbouring) seats; A white new member of your work staff prefers to wait for another white to tell him where the toilets are located; An African traveling miles searching for his native dishes leaving all the nearby white shops; An Asian being offered lens by the whites to insinuate on the aspect of their faces; Arabs and Islam being associated to terror.  The above mentioned are some examples of passive racism. Once the victims notices them, the best reaction is to ignore them and if opportunity of a dialogue arises, take a neutral position to defend race equality. If you are a black man, you may highlight areas where you think blacks should polish up (without exaggerations and without mentioning names of individuals) but remember to use every single oportunity to put forward your case as a victim.

Active Racism in my opinion impacts on lives in a very negative pattern. There exists street active racism and Institutional active Racism.

"Once upon a time in Madrid- Spain the years 2001 to 2002, I was a caretaker of a social hostel, big enough to shelter 20 to 30 individuals mainly from the the sub-saharan Africa." I met a group of violent racists face to face, two of our colleaques had been brutally injured and no sooner had I organized for an ambulance than the armed racists reached on us.." The universal right to self defense in my opinion could have been legislated by a person/or people who had gone through the same odisea in whch I experienced that fateful evening". I have never defended myself with the strength, vigor and the resolve I had on that fateful day, ..together with the boys, we managed to surpress them but we incurred injuries".. We can avoid this by not inhabiting in areas where active racism is rampant; We can always unite, take a licence for a peaceful protest against Race descrimination.

In the USA especially during the period of economic meltdown, given the percentage of US citizens who lost their employments as per race and states of origin, the overal tally of african Americans were more than Caucasian americans. One can argue that this was a case of a national crisis but again the same crisis having a harsher toll on people from a certain race more than the rest is not justifiable. It is institutional racism.

Institutional Racism can be fought by rebutting wrong legislations in place which promotes descriminations of persons/ or replacing them with strong laws that ensures race and gender equality in all areas.

These are my personal experience and my opinions about them.

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