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domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Racism is worse as compared to terrorism. The best weapon to fight terrorism is to start by fighting racism..

From time immemorial, the main enemy of mankind has been and continues to be the discrimination of one from the other either because of his/or her religious affiliation, culture, country and to a large extent our physical appearence.

If we study and investigate the history of slavery and the slave trade, it was based on the assumption of Inferiority/ superiority complex of a one people who in their minds did not even contemplate to believe that africans were human beings let alone the fact that they deserved a treatment with human dignity. This continued in the face of mankind for well over 400 years.

The slavery which ended only on pen and paper was followed by the extensive colonialisation of the continent of Africa for the sole purpose of robbing their God given natural resources. During the conquest of Africa, the natve africans spilt blood and due to the fact that the aggressor had maxim weapons, they native africans had no alternative but to give in to the aggresor.

The slave trade ended, Colonization of africa also ended after a rigorous fight against the racist oppressors.

The mere fact that slave trade and colonialism have ended does not necessarily mean that the racist mentality went with them. Racism is alive and true today as it was then.

As new technilogy comes in our world, Racism has advanced. The racists have largely changed tactics and are constantly threatening the peace that mankind ought to enjoy living side by side.

I believe that all persons were created equally and ought to enjoy equal opportunities.

That No man ought to arrogate to himself the right to judge, qualify or disqualify the abilities of another man based on the pigment of his skin.

I welcome you all the family of mankind, to assist and do all within your disposal to fight against Racism.

Racism is much more lethal as compared to terrorism and in my opinion, the authorities ought to fight against Racism as a way of doing away of terrorism.

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